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Prefinished Solid Flooring


  • Solid parquet should be kept and stored in closed and dry place (not directly on concrete, on a pallet)
  • Solid parquet is a natural material and shrinking and swelling of wood as adaptation to the environment is completely normal natural phenomenon and can’t be avoided), therefore, should be kept at temperature of 18 – 22ºC and 45 – 60% relative humidity
  • Humidity in the parquet is a 9% ± 2% (this means that in 1m² parquet 21 mm dried to 9% moisture has approximately 1.12 liters of water)
  • Parquet should not be dried before installing, or treated with water, fluids or silicone


  • Do not open packages before you are fully ready to start laying, and then open the package
    after package

Installation on a concrete base

  • With the thickness of the final layer of concrete up to 4cm, maximum moisture in concrete should not exceed 1.9%
  • Moisture control pads required should be determined by measuring the measuring instrument by CM method
  • Before installation all the painting works must be done, and the walls completely dry as well
  • The subfloor must be clean (free of dust), flat, free of cracks and resistant to pressure
  • On the surface before the adhesive is recommended to apply primer or better yet multilayer coating as a vapor barrier:
    • Polyurethane coating – 3 layers + quartz sand
    • EPOXY coating – 2 layers
  • It is recommended to use permanently elastic flooring adhesives
  • The adhesive is applied to the substrate using a special “comb”, not applied to the “joints” elements of the floor, but only on the reverse side, a possible excess adhesive that come to the surface as solid flooring immediately with a clean cloth until at finished parquet floor it should not happen because of the potential for permanent stain.

Dry installation

  • Construction on the prepared dry surface (glaze) through which are laid plates (noon vapour –
    resistant plywood with tongue and groove or OSB minimum thickness 18 mm) mounted in
    accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the materials used. This method allows
    installation in the short term. The floors are fixed hammering nails in the quill at an angle of 45º,
    and can be performed in combination with the assembly adhesive suitable adhesive which is
    better option (attracting and holding the tack lamella until the adhesive has hardened).


  • Maintain living conditions: temperature 18 – 22ºC and 45 – 60% relative humidity
  • At the entrance to the apartment put mat which should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent carrying dust and gravel on shoes
  • Use protective pads for furniture, especially chairs
  • Spillage immediately wipe with a soft cotton cloth
  • Regularly clean the dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner with fringe

Prefinished varnished flooring – regular maintenance

  • Flooring from our program is varnished with water acrylic UV curable varnish in 6 layers
  • Periodical maintenance depends on the intensity of use of the floor
  • We recommend regular cleaning with special floors cleanser like Bona Cleaner, and occasionally renewing with special product like Bona Refresher. Before cleaning the varnished parquet remove rough and hard dirt and clean it with a soft cloth in both directions. After refreshing do not walk on the floor for a couple of hours. Precise instructions on the use of these resources are located on the packaging. In the case of aggressive stains or damages consult with experts about the use of different cleanser which are suitable for this purpose.

Prefinished oil parquet – regular maintenance

  • Periodical maintenance depends on the intensity of use of the floor, noting that the medium used floor required
  • Annually renew floor surface with a new layer of oil product like BonaCare. Before applying it is necessary to remove all dirt and completely clean whole floor.

Important notice:

  • After oiling used rag must be soaked in water
  • Do not clean or oil the floor with a rag containing microfibers

Periodic maintenance

  • Massive wooden parquet after years of use can become worn and damaged,
  • Unlike many other types of flooring, solid floor can be completely renovated by:
    • New grinding (14 mm parquet 4 times, 21 mm parquet 6 times)
    • Replacement of any particular damaged elements
    • Filling
    • New lacquering or oiling
    • Leave periodic maintenance to specialist person


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