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Prefinished Multilayer Flooring


  • Multilayer floor should be stored in closed and dry place (elevated from concrete, e.g. on a pallet)
  • Our multilayer floor is made from wood – dimensional changes (shrinking and swelling) when adapting to its environment is inherent to wood as a natural material and cannot be completely avoided). Therefore, parquet should be kept at 18 – 22 ºC temperature and 40 – 55 % relative humidity for best results.
  • Moisture content of the parquet is 7 (± 2)%
  • Parquet should not be dried before installing, or treated with water, fluids or silicone


  • Do not open packs before you are completely ready to start laying, and then open the packs one by one as you progress with installation

Installation on a concrete base

  • With the thickness of the final layer of concrete up to 4cm, maximum moisture content of concrete should not exceed 1.9%
  • Moisture control should be determined using the Calcium Carbide Method (CM Method)
  • Before commencing installation, all paint works must be finished and the walls completely dry
  • The subfloor must be clean (free of dust), flat, free of cracks and pressure resistant
  • Before applying adhesive, we recommend preparing the subfloor with a suitable vapor barrier primer, ideally in a layered system such as:
    • Polyurethane coating – 3 layers + quartz sand
    • EPOXY coating – 2 layers
  • We strongly recommend the use of permanently elastic flooring adhesives
  • Apply the adhesive to the substrate using a special “comb” shaped trowel, taking care to apply the glue only on the back (bottom) sides of tiles and never to their sides or end joints. If any adhesive leaches to the surface, it must be immediately removed using a clean cloth (on prefinished parquet, take special care that this never happens as it might leave permanent stains).

Dry installation

  • Installation is possible on prefinished panels (e.g. moisture-resistant tongue and groove plywood or OSB with minimum thickness of 18 mm) laid on a dry and solid screed base, following instructions of respective manufacturers. This method allows for faster installation. The floor is fixed to the subfloor using nails driven through the side groove at an angle of 45°. For best results, combine nails and adhesive (nails anchor and secure position while the adhesive bonds).


  • Place a mat at the entrance to the premises to prevent entry of abrasives like dust or gravel on shoes. Clean the mat on a regular basis
  • Use protective pads for furniture, especially chairs and avoid impact damage (caused by high heeled shoes, falling of heavy objects etc.)
  • Wipe off all spillage with a soft cotton cloth as soon as possible
  • Clean the dust regularly, using a suitable vacuum cleaner or dust pan
  • Please note that exposure to UV light might cause slight discoloration which can be exacerbated if the exposure to the light is unevenly distribured (e.g. permanent shading with carpets)

Prefinished varnished flooring – regular maintenance

  • Our fooring is varnished with a water based acrylic UV cured varnish in 6 layers
  • The need for periodic maintenance depends on the intensity of use of your floor
  • For regular cleaning we recommend use of special floors cleansers like Bona Cleaner, and for occasional renewal special products like Bona Refresher.
  • Before cleaning varnished parquet, any dirt and rough or stubborn stains should be removed with a soft and clean cloth, wiping along and across grain. After refreshing do not walk on the floor for a couple of hours. Precise instructions on the use of cleaners are located on their respective packaging. In case of tough stains or damages, consult experts about the use of appropriate cleaning agents and technique.

Prefinished oil parquet – regular maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance depends on the intensity of use – medium used floors require annual renewal with a new layer of appropriate coating (e.g. BonaCare).
  • Before applying the refinish, all dirt and stains must be removed an the whole floor must be thoroughly cleaned.

Important notice:

  • After oiling, all used rags must be soaked in water to avoid fire hazard
  • Never clean or apply oil to the floor with any cloth containing microfibers

Periodic maintenance

  • after years of use, your floor may become worn and damaged
  • contrary to other floor types, your wooden floor can be renewed by:
    • sanding of top layer again (3,6 mm top layer can withstand at least one sanding)
    • replacement of damaged lamellas
    • application of repair filler (putty)
    • additional varnishing or oiling
  • For best results, we strongly advise to entrust such renewal to a competent professional.


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